Scientist Awards

EFP Young Scientist Awards Winners

The EFP proudly announces the winners of the Young Scientist Award for 2021:

Simone MORELLI, for his work entitled “Efficacy of a spot-on combination containing 10% w/v imidacloprid and 1% w/v moxidectin in the treatment of Troglostrongylus brevior infection in cats”

Robert STRYIŃSKI, for his work entitled “Exploration of the proteome of human intestinal epithelial cell line (CACO-2) exposed to extracellular vesicles of Anisakis simplex L3 larvae – parasite-host interactions overview”

The EFP congratulates the winners and wishes them the best of luck in their research careers.

The EFP offers Young Scientist Awards to stimulate the participation of young parasitologists and thus contribute to the advancement of parasitological research in Europe. (

Up to five prizes will be awarded for original research work in parasitology (400 € each). Prizes include a diploma and a refund of the EMOP registration fees.

Candidates must be less than 35 years old and be members of a member (or associated member) society of the EFP (; members of suspended societies cannot apply.

The paper must be first-authored by the candidate and presented in oral form at EMOP 2021. The research must have been based at an institution of an EFP member / associated member country.

How to apply:

The following documents have to be submitted:

  1. The completed application form, signed by the candidate and the head of the department where the research was done. ( download application form )
  2. A manuscript of up to 10 pages describing the work. The manuscript should not have been published before, and is only for the information of the jury. The candidate should be the first author of the manuscript.
  3. Proof of registration for the congress. At registration, the EMOP organizers should be informed of the intention to apply for the award.
  4. Proof of age (e.g. ID, passport) and society membership, and a short curriculum vitae (one page).

The paper will be orally presented (15 min) by the candidate in a special session organized during the EMOP. This condition is mandatory for the award selection.

Form, manuscript and accompanying information are to be sent as email attachment (pdf) to:

Prof. Vasile COZMA, 1st Vice President of EFP

Deadline: 15 September 2021

Awards will be presented at the closing ceremony of EMOP.