Symposium: International projects in parasitology
Abbrev: IntProjects
Organizer: Adriano Casulli

Symposium: Systematic parasitology (Integrated approach to parasite biodiversity)
Abbrev: Systematics
Organizer: Aneta Kostadinova

Symposium: 6th International Workshop on Arctic and Antarctic Parasitology – IWAAP 6
Abbrev: IWAAP
Organizer: Antti Oksanen

Symposium: The microbiome of parasites and role in diseases
Abbrev: ParMicrobiome
Organizers: Cinzia Cantacessi & Nolwenn Dheilly

Symposium: Other ectoparasites: from biology to control
Abbrev: OtherEctopar
Organizer: Domenico Otranto

Symposium: Antiprotozoan vaccines: status and prospects
Abbrev: ProtoVacc
Organizer: Eskild Petersen

Symposium: Dirofilariosis in Europe today
Abbrev: Dirofil
Organizer: Fernando Simón Martín

Symposium: Hot clinical topics in toxoplasmosis
Abbrev: ClinicToxo
Organizer: Florence Robert-Gangneux

Symposium: A One Health approach to manage parasitic infections
Abbrev: OneHealth
Organizers: Frank Katzer & Rachel Chalmers

Symposium: Protozoan infections in livestock and their control – zoonotic and animal health aspects
Abbrev: ProtoLivestock
Organizers: Gereon Schares & Walter Basso

Symposium: Protozoa in food & environment – methods used in different environmental matrices (water, soil, vegetables, shellfish…)
Abbrev: ProtozEnvironDg
Organizer: Isabelle Villena

Symposium: Fish parasitology
Abbrev: FishPar
Organizer: Ivona Mladineo

Symposium: Helminth phylogeny and systematics
Abbrev: HelmPhylogen
Organizer: Jean Mariaux

Symposium: Diagnosis and epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis
Abbrev: ViscLeish
Organizer: Jean-Pierre Gangneux

Symposium: Sandflies and sandfly-borne diseases
Abbrev: Sandflies
Organizer: TBD*

Symposium: Clinical and tropical parasitology
Abbrev: ClinicTropPar
Organizers: TBD* & Miloš Korać

Symposium: Publishing in parasitology (+ Workshop)
Abbrev: Publishing
Organizer: Julia Walochnik

Symposium: 14th International Symposium of Geospatial Health – GnosisGIS
Abbrev: GnosisGIS
Organizers: Laura Rinaldi & Robert Bergquist

Symposium: Combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants – COST Action CA16230
Organizers: Laura Rinaldi & Smaro Sotiraki

Symposium: Foodborne and waterborne parasites: changing climate, changing trends, changing parasites I & II (+ Panel discussion)
Abbrev: FoodWaterBorne
Organizers: Lucy Robertson & Joke van der Giessen

Symposium: Trichinella
Abbrev: Trichinella
Organizer: Ljiljana Sofronić-Milosavljević

Symposium: Giardia
Abbrev: Giardia
Organizers: Marco Lalle & Christian Klotz

Symposium: Toxoplasma genetic diversity
Abbrev: ToxoGenDivers
Organizer: Marie-Laure Dardé

Symposium: Paleoparasitology
Abbrev: Paleo
Organizers: Matthieu Le Bailly & Gholamreza Mowlavi

Symposium: OIE Collaborative Centre on Foodborne Zoonotic Parasites Symposium
Abbrev: OIE FoodborneZoon
Organizer: Pascal Boireau

Symposium: Mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases
Abbrev: Mosquitoes
Organizer: Pascal Boireau

Symposium: Wildlife parasitology
Abbrev: WildPar
Organizer: Pikka Jokelainen

Symposium: Malaria I & II
Abbrev: Malaria
Organizers: Sanjeev Krishna & TBD*

Symposium: Cryptosporidium
Abbrev: Crypto
Organizer: Simone Caccio

Symposium: 6th K. E. Mott Symposium on Schistosomiasis & Foodborne Trematodiases
Abbrev: KE Mott
Organizers: Santiago Mas Coma & Bonnie Webster

Symposium: EVPC – European Veterinary Parasitology College Symp I & II
Abbrev: EVPC
Organizers: Smaro Sotiraki & TBD*

Symposium: Diversity of Echinococcus and other taeniids
Abbrev: EchinoDivers
Organizer: Thomas Romig

Symposium: Helminth immunomodulation and interactions with the microbiome
Abbrev: HelmImmunoMbiome
Organizers: William Harnett & Ljiljana Sofronić-Milosavljević

Symposium: Migrants and migrating parasites
Abbrev: Migrations
Organizer: Zeno Bisoffi

Industry SY I / Industry SY II
Abbrev: Industry

Symposium: SEE Toxoplasmosis
Abbrev: SEE Toxo
Organizers: Branko Bobić & Barbara Šoba

Symposium: SEE Echino/taenia/cysticerc
Abbrev: SEE EchTaenCyst
Organizer: Carmen Cretu

Symposium: SEE One Health
Abbrev: SEE OneHealth
Organizer: Ivana Klun

Symposium: SEE Vectors and vector-borne pathogens
Abbrev: SEE Vectors
Organizer: Snežana Tomanović

Symposium: SEE Dirofilariosis & other emerging vector-borne zoonoses
Abbrev: SEE Dirofil
Organizer: Suzana Otašević

Symposium: Trichinellosis and Trichinella infection in SEE: current status
Abbrev: SEE Trichinella
Organizers: Vasile Cozma & Albert Marinculić

Pre-Meeting Symposium: Cystinet Cost Action
Abbrev: Sat CA Cystinet
Organizer: Sarah Gabriel

*TBD – to be determined