Young parasitologists are encouraged to participate in European meetings and to contribute to the development of parasitology in Europe. To support this, the European Federation of Parasitologists grants approximately 30 student scholarships covering the registration fees of the next European Multicolloquium of Parasitology (EMOP XIII), to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from October 12-16, 2021. Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered by the grant.

Application is open to students (up to PhD / doctorate level) up to an age of 30 years, who are members of a member (or associated member) society of the EFP (; members of suspended member societies cannot apply. They should participate in parasitological research carried out in an EFP member country and are required to give a presentation at EMOP XIII, either orally or by poster.
Fifteen of these scholarships are targeted for members of societies from lower income countries (see EMOP XIII registration page).

NOTE: Because of the hybrid format due to COVID-19, the number of grants available has been increased to approximately 40. The grant will cover either in situ or virtual registration fee of the successful applicant, whichever the applicant prefers.

How to apply:

The following documents have to be submitted:

  1. The completed application form, signed by the candidate and the head of the department where the research was done. ( download application form )
  2. Proof of registration for the congress. At registration, the EMOP organizers should be informed of the intention to apply for the scholarship.
  3. Proof of age (e.g. ID, passport), society membership and student status (copies of documents) and a short curriculum vitae (one page).
  4. The title of a paper that will be presented by the candidate at EMOP XIII, either orally or by poster. This presentation is a mandatory condition for the scholarship selection.

Form and accompanying information are to be sent as a single-file email attachment to:

Dr. Antti OKSANEN, 2st Vice President of EFP

Deadline: 30 August 2021

Successful applications will be announced and registration fees will be refunded on site during EMOP in Belgrade.